Outdoor Activities

The excitement around outdoor games is always high. As this is the time to explore the real strength both mental and physical. Healthy competition mostly results in great friendships and long lasting bonds along with treasure of memories to remember when Monday blues hit you badly. So be part of our outdoor games, move some muscles and explore your hidden strength. Trust me its right there inside you; you just need to wake it up.


For this game, you need to train your muscles for some winning moves. As the way you use your racquets to hit the shuttlecock matters a lot. It is all about practice and unique moves along with following the rules of the game. It plays an important role in building relationships between two people, so why not have a match with your perfect match (better half).

Basket Ball

So be ready to score the opposite team’s hoop as many times as you can. Let the healthy competition begin and let the bonds grow deeper and stronger. This kind of activities plays a very important role in building healthy relationships with healthy competition. If you are out on corporate trip, this can be a best team building activity.


Meditation- mountains are known for peace and untouched beauty of nature. Thus, proving the fact, that most saints head towards mountains for seeking the spiritual light. The similar experience you will enjoy meditating here, the peaceful atmosphere away from hassle-full city life is a perfect spot for spending some time with your inner self.

Yoga Gazebo

Yoga is all about inner soulful peace. Yoga asana and meditation let you meet your inner self. However, in all this, surrounding matters a lot, here comes the role of yoga gazebo a place that is constructed specially for such soulful activities. You would love to know that we have specially made this place for you, to ensure you the best experience that come with perfect surroundings.